‘Girls’ season 3 spoilers: First photo teases trip for Lena Dunham and company

GirlsWe’ve seen the cast of “Girls” take some trips before, but typically, they are not all doing so at the same time. Most notably, we’ve seen Lena Dunham’s head back to her hometown, and there was also that bizarre trip out with Jessa that led to her being ditched in the middle of nowhere.

Well, the first promotional photo released for the show by HBO teases a number of interesting things, but the one that is perhaps the most significant is that Jessa’s back! As if you ever had any doubt, the character has returned to the show, and Hannah seems to have forgiven her enough already to be able to sit next to her looking somewhat okay with her presence. This photo of everyone together represents a sort of response by Dunham to the criticism that season 2 featured the ladies too often separated from each other, which took away some of the dynamics that some enjoyed more in the first season. (We actually preferred some of the more isolated plots, given that it really is not that often that four female friends are able to get together for any one thing.)

The other thing worth noting is that the ladies have taken a little bit of a road trip away from New York City, and these scenes were shot in Greenport on the northeastern end of Long Island. This marks a pretty significant move away from the show’s own sets back in the city, but this has always never been a show that likes to just stay confined to any one place.

What’s your take on “Girls” taking on a different part of New York for a change, and are you starting to become excited for the new season? If you want to read some more news related to the show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: HBO

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