‘Girls’ season 3 spoilers: Will Hannah and Adam start the season off strong?

GirlsIf there is one thing that fans of “Girls” are very well aware of at this point it is that Hannah and Adam are about as dysfunctional a couple as they come. At some moments, they appear almost as though they are ready to get married and get away from the world; then, they have fights so epic that even Muhammad Ali in his prime would cower away from them.

At the end of last season, some fans found a serious reason to smile thanks to the fact that the two characters were finally back together after ten episodes stuffed full of arguments, Adam doing frightening things to Shiri Appleby, and then there’s the obsessive-compulsive disorder problem. How long will they really last? This is something that seems to always be a question for two characters this volatile, and even Adam Driver himself admits that he is a little in the dark about it at this point. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly about the current progress in season 3 in an interview geared mostly around the Emmys, the actor had the following to say:

“…I’m not playing coy in saying I’m not sure where it goes, but I do think [Hannah and Adam] are trying to make a go of it. If I know Lena, I’m sure there will be conflict. [Laughs] I don’t know how that manifests itself, but they start this season in the best place they’ve been.”

There are already going to be some major changes coming up this season that we know about already: Marnie is not going to have Charlie around, and she will once again be in a new place in her life. Meanwhile, Shoshanna will be trying to figure out where she stands when it comes to her future. As for Jessa, she’s sure to flutter into town eventually.

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Photo: HBO

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