‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Could Deb get back with an ex?

DexterRemember that whole “Dexter” storyline involving Deb being in love with her brother? There were so many people booing the idea at the time of it happening that you would have thought you were watching a Kardashian reality show. Then again, there were also enough people that liked it that Dexter and his stepsister became a hot topic for shippers everywhere, especially those that had been preaching about the pairing before it was even cool to do so.

Following what happened at the end of last season, though, does it appear to be a pretty near-lock that we have reached the end of the road for this idea? It seems like it. According to a report from TV Guide, Deb is going to be far too busy wishing Dexter was dead after shooting Laguerta that she will not have the time or the energy to actually go about having feelings for him anymore.

However, that is not to say that all romance in Deb’s life is dead. You’ve likely already seen her getting close to a guy (undercover as it may be) during some of the early clips from the season, and it looks like at some point, she is going to start to bond with a certain Joey Quinn once again … which will in turn make Jamie a little upset since they are starting to form a connection. Given Deb’s romantic history and tendency to be a little all over the place, you really have to expect that anything could happen in this situation.

What do you think: Should Quinn be Deb’s endgame, or do you think that this is all just distraction that really won’t go anywhere? We do have some more scoop on the later part of this upcoming season, and you can check that out by heading on over to the link here.

Photo: Showtime

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