‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 5 spoilers: Going down the Kol rabbit hole … again

The Vampire DiariesIn some ways, being the creative force behind “The Vampire Diaries” has to be incredible. In some other ways, it has to be exhausting. For a new example of that, just look at what Julie Plec is currently going through when it comes to Kol fans and “The Vampire Diaries.”

To an extent, we understand the passion by some of these people. They were able to love and identify with this character more than any other, and with him gone they are left trying to cling to a hope that since Jeremy came back, he could as well. However, it’s just not in the cards for him, and we don’t quite know if we have seen such a strong reaction ever to the death of someone who was just a recurring player on the show.

We’ve been the recipient of some Kol backlash here at the site in the past, so we understand to a small extent what Plec is going through. However, it’s never reached the point where we have been inspired to write something as definitive as what she put on her Twitter account this week:

“Storytelling is not a democracy and it never will be. I love and admire the passion of the Kol fan base, but no petition, or trending topic, or ongoing twitter assault on my mentions is going to make us do something we don’t believe is right or necessary for the show right now. Some of you have gotten a bit meanly personal. Others have shown nothing but grace. And your enthusiasm means the world to all of us. But if you want a choose-your-own adventure, go to the library. Otherwise, find it in your hearts to trust that we love the story we’re telling and are going to keep giving 1000% of our creative souls to it — even when it makes a few people unhappy. Maybe one day you’ll see Kol again when the story is right. Maybe not. I hope you’ll keep watching anyway.”

So long as Nathaniel Buzolic (who Plec loves as a person) is available, there may be chances for him to show up in flashbacks on “The Originals,” but that’s probably it. We’re not writing this to inspire more tweets being sent Julie’s way, but to say this: Maybe it’s time that we all take a death breath, and try to move forward. We liked Kol, too, but the character is gone from the present timeline. Considering that Plec and her team of writers are responsible for bringing Buzolic to the show along with the words on the page, couldn’t there be another character (new or old) that you become just as enthusiastic about if you give them a chance? Sure it won’t be the same, but it could be a great experience all its own.

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