‘Mad Men’ season 6 finale: Let’s frustrate ourselves / complain about new promo!

Mad Men season 6Typically when it comes to “Mad Men,” watching one of their promos is like seeing a group of images flash in the Intersect. Most times it leaves viewers wondering what in the world did they just watched as creator Matthew Weiner is so intent on keeping things under wraps that he sometimes make promos completely unwatchable.

The last promo for the season finale has to fall under the “crazy” file, since it’s not so much of a preview as it is a recap, along with the ominous AMC narrator reminding us of how awesome “Mad Men” is (which we sometimes need reminding about after this season). Not even this clip can give us a sizable chunk of John Slattery. What gives? The lack of Roger Sterling this season is starting to get ridiculous. We don’t mind seeing more of newcomers in Ted and Bob Benson, but we don’t want to see them at the expense of someone we’ve grown to care about like Roger or Joan.

Unfortunately, the only teaser that AMC has brought out thus far is that there is going to be a “problem” for Don Draper in this episode, and all you have to do is try to guess what it is. Now that Betty has identified that the problem Sally is having has to do with her father rather than her, you have to think that she’s going to swoop in there like a hawk and find a way to figure this out. (Betty is rather fantastic when it comes to such things.)

Some other stories you can expect to see more of include Bob’s relationship with Joan, the nature of the relationship with Chevrolet, and if Ted and Peggy are really going to get together.

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Photo: AMC

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