‘The Client List’ season 3: Jennifer Love Hewitt and a creative wish

Jennifer Love HewittYesterday, we published a report suggesting that while “The Client List” is in discussions as we speak to be renewed for a third season, there are some reported creative conflicts that it kept it from happening between star / executive producer Jennifer Love Hewitt and some of the show’s other producers. As it has been said online, one of the biggest issues revolves around how a pregnancy would be written in the show. Hewitt believes that the father of her child should be Kyle (played by real-life fiance Brian Hallisay); however, the showrunner is more interested in having it be the Evan character.

So where does Hewitt stand on all of this publicly? She’s not saying much about it, but she did tweet back a winking smiley-face to a user earlier today who wrote to her suggesting that Evan could not be the father since they haven’t had sex, and Kyle makes more sense given that he and Riley are back together. You may think of an emoticon as inconsequential, but it’s hard to imagine that Hewitt would bring attention to it were it not the way in which she also felt.

We expect some sort of decision to be made one way or another in the weeks ahead, along with several quotes saying that this whole situation is exaggerated. While we’re never a big fan of actors having huge creative stakes in any project, this really just seems to be a case of people who all care a ton about the show, and have strong opinions as to where it will go from here. It would be stunning if the entire summer goes by without a compromise being reached. Heck, one would need to be reached soon if the show wants to do any filming while Jennifer is still pregnant.

A rep for Hewitt, meanwhile, has already come forward and explained that there are “many storylines” that are currently being explored, and to suggest that the actress is set firmly on one idea is simply “not accurate.”

Photo: Lifetime

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