‘Breaking Bad’ season 5 spoilers: Dean Morris on final Hank – Walt showdown

Dean NorrisOver the next few days, expect to hear a little bit more when it comes to scoop on the final eight episodes of “Breaking Bad” this summer. Why? Thank Dean Norris for it, since he will be featured in the CBS summer series “Under the Dome” beginning on Monday. He’s going to be forced to do a good bit in the way of press, and these interviews almost always equal the inevitable question or two about how the Bryan Cranston series is going to end.

It’s hard to be specific about this sort of super-secretive series from Norris’ point of view, mostly because he’s well aware of the fact that if he spills too much, Vince Gilligan will probably come at him with a box cutter. However, he actually did present a perspective on the impending Walt / Hank showdown to The Huffington Post that is a little bit different than anything we’ve really thought about previously:

“I tell you, the last eight are the best eight of the whole series. Because once that secret is out, it just [explodes] … Hank has some issues of losing his job or whether he could be culpable. So there’s a lot of that stuff. And [Walt] also had been paying for Hank’s medical stuff so he actually is culpable, because he’s taking his money. But really it’s a Hank-Walt showdown now, because it’s opened up. It’s like boom, and that’s what it starts with. And just like “Breaking” has always done, it heads right into that, and it’s a good ride.”

Norris will be playing a very different sort of character than Hank on “Under the Dome,” as his Big Jim is more of the classic villain type. It’s also different in that it’s genre TV and on a major television network rather than cable; yet, it still maintains some of its feel. It’ll be interesting to watch much of it before “Breaking Bad,” given that Norris did not start work on it until after wrapping up his run as Hank.

If you want to check out some more scoop from Vince Gilligan about the final episodes of the season, all you have to do is visit the link here.

Photo: AMC

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