‘Mad Men’ season 6 finale spoilers: Will Bob Benson leave, or be back for season 7?

Bob BensonAlmost for the entirety of “Mad Men” season 6, there have been questions floating around about the identity of a certain mystery man known only as Bob Benson. He was certainly pleasant enough, in between trying to find Pete someone to care for his mother and doing anything and everything he could to help out at the firm. The problem that arises here is that if you act too perfect and nice most of the time, there are probably going to be some questions that arise as a result.

So now that we know that Bob is basically a younger version of Don when it comes to having no real advertising past, and only ambition on his resume, does this mean that he is done? Far from it. Pete decided to keep him around rather than fight with him once he learned all of his secrets last week, which means that he could have more of a permanent presence moving forward.

However, there is also one problem with the idea of seeing a great deal more of Bob in the future: James Wolk has a new role on the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones,” which starts airing this fall. Can he pull double-duty? Considering that Alison Brie has done it with this show and “Community,” it’s possible; not only that, but Wolk told Rolling Stone recently that he would love to return if asked. Bob probably wouldn’t be an every-episode character, but he could make a few appearances here and there.

Before we turn to that, there is one more episode of “Mad Men” to get through in order to learn Bob’s fate. While his story with Pete seems to be reasonably tied up, there is still the issue of everyone else … and if he and Pete are really going to start working together on the Chevrolet account.

If you want to see Matthew Weiner’s take on this Bob character, and learn why Pete did not opt to have him fired from the firm, we suggest you check out this video.

Photo: AMC

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