‘True Blood’ season 6 spoilers: Janina Gavankar reflects, wants Sam with Sookie

LunaBefore we say anything, we have to start this “True Blood” article out with a werewolf pack-sized spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen the first episode of the summer yet, go back and watch it … or read our review. Either way, you’ll be prepared for what is coming your way.

While some deaths on the show often come as a surprise, we imagine that many of you likely saw the end for Luna coming. Janina Gavankar has been filming arcs for “Arrow” and other shows, and given that she can’t be in two separate places at once, it was pretty easy to put two and two together. What was a little surprising to learn per the actress’ post-mortem with HollywoodLife, was that her character was originally supposed to die at the end of season 5. The scene was cut, and she had to literally film herself dying again for the start of the season. If there’s one thing worse than having to film yourself dying once … Well, this is probably it.

You also have to give Gavankar credit for not being altogether possessive over Sam Merlotte for good. Rather than see the man mourn her until the end of his days, she claims that she’s totally rooting for him to end up with Sookie at the time the show ends:

“I ultimately want Sookie to end up with Sam now that Luna’s dead. When this show is done, in 15 or 20 years, I want Sookie to look at Sam and say, ‘It’s always been you.’ He has been in love with her since the beginning of time, since before we’ve even met them. Sookie met Bill on the pilot, then Eric on episode two. Like, who are these people? They’re new, and Sam has always been there for her.

“As for Sam and Emma, hopefully they’ll be OK. I do know, but I don’t know. … [Luna] also just told the world that shifters exist. No one saw Sam shift on camera, but they know who Luna is, and they know she has a daughter.”

Gavankar claims that she’s always open to coming back for an episode or two, and there could be an opportunity given that there’s not much on this show that actually stays dead. Just as Godric, or Jesus, or Russell Edgington. (Okay, well he wasn’t really dead the first time around.)

If you want to sink your fangs into some of what’s coming up on “True Blood,” our suggestion is to head on over to the link here.

Photo: HBO

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