2013 Emmy preview: Amy Poehler, Ashley Rickards, Sutton Foster comedy hopefuls

EmmysThere is something that has long frustrated us about the Actress in a Comedy Series category when it comes to the Emmys: The awards show’s frequent insistence on just nominating the same sort of people again and again that are either on shows that are barely comedies, or are big names that are on shows that just aren’t as good as they really should be.

Therefore, we’re taking a different approach this year: There are some ladies who are frequently on the ballot who deserve to be there, but there are also some other women who really need their due now after being constantly ignored by general Emmy snobbery. Let’s hope that changes this year.

Regardless of if you agree or want to tear us a new one, we want to hear your thoughts below! Also, be sure to click here if you want to check out all of our Emmy coverage.

Laura Dern, “Enlightened” (HBO) – We’re still sad about the end of “Enlightened,” even if we’re not mad at HBO, given that the ratings really didn’t even deserve a second season to begin with. We would just love to see Laura Dern get some more love for a subtle and moving performance, if for no other reason than that it could get some people to discover how amazing she really is.

Lena Dunham, “Girls” (HBO) – Dern’s Sunday-night companion is someone that is certainly polarizing. Some people love her, and others can’t stand her show; either way, she is the creative driving force behind one of the most-discussed comedies on TV these days. Plus, the episode with Patrick Wilson alone justifies a nomination, let alone a win.

Sutton Foster, “Bunheads” (ABC Family) – Our hope with Foster is that a nomination could actually bring “Bunheads” a renewal, since it as a series is not completely dead in the water yet. What she proved on the ABC Family series is that you can cater to younger viewers and still be brilliant.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, “Veep” (HBO) – She is probably the frontrunner at this point, and for good reason: Selina Meyer is a hilariously awful character, but this is a performance that almost everyone can get behind given that this show is so much about drawing the belly laughs. Julia may have won last year, but “Veep” is even stronger this year.

Amy Poehler, “Parks and Recreation” (NBC) – Another surefire nomination, but one that never seems to lead to a win for whatever reason. We don’t quite it how someone who is so consistent funny cannot seem to get the full extent of what she’s due. Here’s what drives us the most crazy: In between this show and “Saturday Night Live,” Amy has been nominated five times and she has never won.

Ashley Rickards, “Awkward” (MTV) – The similarity between “Awkward” and “Bunheads” is pretty simple: Both are great entertainment, but neither the networks or the audiences don’t seem to allow people to take them seriously. We don’t care about any of that, because Rickards has shown a knack for incredible comic timing, has heart, and makes us laugh. What more can we really ask for?

Who do you think should win the Emmy in this category? Leave us a comment and tell us who is your favorite to win.

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