Fall TV preview: ‘Michael J. Fox Show,’ ‘Agents of SHIELD’ among five best trailers

Agents of ShieldOver the past month, we have chronicled some of the best and worst of what television has to offer courtesy of our Fall TV Preview series, and we have done so with the help of an official trailer / video clip for each upcoming show. Some shows certainly look like they have the potential to be hits. Others? Well, they’ll probably be canceled by mid-season.

We’ll have an article focusing on the shows that look like an epic fail soon, but on this Father’s Day, we’re showing a little bit of love to five new series that actually look like they have everything put together to be success stories from the get-go.

The five most-promising new series (click on each title to see the trailer)

5. “The Crazy Ones (CBS), Thursdays at 8:00 – While we still have some trepidation over whether or not the show will work without a big-name guest star (like Kelly Clarkson), or a product that is featured like McDonald’s. Robin Williams, though, is still Robin Williams, and he and Sarah Michelle Gellar already seem to be a prime combination for laughs.

4. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox), Tuesdays at 8:30 – There was really a good bit of effort by these networks and studios into making great comedies this year, and they’ve succeeded based on the trailers alone. The Andy Samberg series feels almost like a funnier “Starsky & Hutch,” and there’s nothing else on right now that is quite like it. Points for originality, and points for being ridiculously funny.

3. “The Blacklist (NBC), Mondays at 10:00 – This is one of the pilots that we’ve had the privilege of seeing in full, but for now we’re going to focus solely on the action-packed, dramatic, and stellar trailer. James Spader has a role yet again that really shows off his terrifying side more than anything that he has done in some time (at least since his part in the indie film “Secretary”).

2. “The Michael J. Fox Show (NBC), Thursdays at 9:30 – There’s nothing altogether revolutionary about a family comedy. They’re everywhere this season, but what makes Fox’s big TV return different is that it’s an optimistic look at a man overcoming great hardship, and shows that it is okay to have a laugh from time to time. Plus, Betsy Brandt is perfectly cast as his wife.

1. “Agents of SHIELD (ABC), Tuesdays at 8:00 – An excellent trailer, and one that does not even begin to describe the expectations that are in place for ABC’s big-budget Marvel collaboration. With the Whedon brothers both on board, we do have great faith that it will meet every hope that we have.

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Photo: ABC

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