‘Dexter’ season 8 debate: Are there any viable spin-offs out there?

DexterIn reading interviews promoting “Dexter” season 8 over the past several weeks, it has been oddly fascinating in some way seeing the sheer number of people asking questions about spin-off series. It’s something that Showtime is not exactly ruling out for the future of the show, but what we want to know right now is this: Is this something that really can happen?

Our reason for being skeptical about the idea of a spin-off series is that we do not quite know how in the world it would be possible, given that this is a show all about a serial killer, and we know that Dexter would not be around for the next one. There are only so many characters that you could center around a spin-off show, but we really haven’t gotten to know any of them all that well besides Deb for anyone to really care.

Possible ideas

1. One starring Jennifer Carpenter’s Deb as she tries to either take down serial killers around Miami or the country, or one where she (somehow) becomes a serial killer herself. She would likely have to leave Miami, though, given that we would just have the same cast all over again then. We don’t know if a show starring Deb would work, because it is so close to the original.

2. The Hannah McKay idea has been bounced around a little bit, since she is a killer and Yvonne Strahovski does have a fan base. She’s also distant enough from the original show that she would not feel like a copycat. On the flip side, is Hannah really that popular of a character to bring int he viewers for her own show?

3. A spin-off themed around a character that we have not met yet. We are getting set to meet Sean Patrick Flanery’s private investigator, and he could be an interesting option, but do we really need another show centered around cops, investigators or the FBI? It’s getting tired.

At the end of the day, a spin-off would probably only be realized after we reach the end of this series in a few months, see who is alive and who is dead, and then try to go from here.

What do you think: Is a “Dexter” spin-off possible? We want to hear your thoughts in the poll below, and you can read some news about the show and surprising pairings over at the link here.

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