‘The Glades’ season 4 spoilers: Gypsies and roller derbies

The GladesNothing is hotter on TV right now than gypsies. (At least if you’re watching TLC.) Therefore, why not have them appear on a murder-mystery show? If there’s one thing that “The Glades” has done a good job of, it’s being it’s capturing pop-culture trends and including them into mysteries. It’s a nice change from the traditional “ripped from the headlines” episode in that you’re not exploiting real people, but just taking a concept that is out there and putting it on scripted TV.

Before we get to the gypsies let’s start by sharing the synopsis for the upcoming sixth episode of season 4, which is entitled “Glade-iators” and revolves around something else we’ve seen quite a bit of lately in roller derby:

“Jim learns that a female business executive who was found dead in a bank vault led a double life as a member of a roller derby squad.”

Seriously, what is it with TV and roller derby these days? We’ve seen it on “Weeds,” “Top Chef,” “The Amazing Race,” and even to an extent “Oh Sit!” as of late. Basically, we’ve seen more of it on TV than we ever have in real life. Do you know how many real-life roller derby events most people have seen? Exactly.

As for the gypsy-related episode, it’s entitled “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves” and airs the following week:

“Jim enters the secret world of Florida’s Gypsies to investigate what appears to have been a ritualistic murder; Jim’s father makes an unexpected visit.”

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Photo: A&E (Source: SpoilerTV)

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