‘Bunheads’ season 2 renewal hopes: A guide on how to drive viewers nuts

BunheadsAnother few days have passed, and there’s still no word on a “Bunheads” renewal. As to why there is more anxiety in the air than usual regarding the show the past few weeks, it’s because ABC Family has long said that their primary reason for waiting to decide the show’s fate is the performance of their new programming, and now that this programming is on the air, it’s fair to say that people want answers … and understandably so, given they’ve been waiting forever.

Sadly, we think that the earliest possible day we could hear something about the fate of “Bunheads” is Wednesday (when the ratings are in for episode 2 of “Twisted”), and it could be much longer than that given that new shows can take a while to stabilize. We’re unfortunately not that optimistic about a renewal at this point, even if we’re still hoping for an 11th-hour turnaround. What we want to try to focus on instead is the complete way in which this entire process has been botched, where if you do cancel this show, you’re going to have a really hard time getting “Bunheads” fans to watch any of your new shows.

Want to know how to drive your viewers insane? Do the opposite of all three of the rules below.

Rule #1 to not angering fans – Don’t leave a show without an ending. We would much prefer to see something like a limited renewal (6-10 episodes) with an option to extend the order depending on how the ratings for some other shows fare. That way, if you do decide to cancel your series later on, you are giving the showrunners a few weeks to come up with a proper ending. Imagine how different “Make It or Break It” could have been if given the opportunity.

Rule #2 – Don’t pit shows against each other. We imagine that “Twisted” and “The Fosters” are at least dinged somewhat by scorned “Bunheads” fans, and the only thing that is making these people even angrier is that the official “Bunheads” Twitter account is being used for shows that could lead to its imminent cancellation.

Rule #3 – Make quicker decisions. We’ve heard time and time again that the pain some of these actors are going through is not any different than what happens to actors waiting for the upfronts to find out the future of their shows, but the truth is that this is really quite a bit different at the end. If “Bunheads” is canceled, it’s not like these actors will have an easy time booking new roles on shows that are already getting some guest stars set for the fall. Waiting this out hurts the actors, and it also hurts the fans. If you were going to cancel it, and it was done early, maybe some of these people could have moved on.

If you want to read more on the waiting process for a “Bunheads” renewal, head over to the link here to see what one of the show’s producers is saying right now.

Photo: ABC Family

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