‘Glee’ season 5 notes: Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Jane Lynch

QuinnFor some “Glee” stars, we are finally starting to get to the home stretch of the summer vacation. Season 5 production kicks off in July, which is when many of the stars will be diving straight back into work on a show that has already covered a substantial amount of ground and done hundreds upon hundreds of musical numbers.

But will Dianna Agron be back? That’s where there are question marks. Thanks to her character attending school in the Ivy Leagues, we’ve probably seen Lord Tubbington more often lately than Quinn Fabray. The last time we did see her, it was that hook-up with Santana that really just seemed to satisfy all of those shippers. What we at least know now is that if she does turn back up, she will be doing so with a familiar head of hair. The actress was spotted out earlier this week sporting her famous blond hair again.

The last time we saw a drastically different hairstyle for Quinn was at the start of season 3, when she went with a very edgy style with pink highlights.

Lea Michele takes book questions – There is apparently a chapter coming up in Lea Michele’s upcoming book Brunette Ambition that is all about “Glee,” so it does make sense that she would try to seek advice from some people who care about the show more than anyone else: Some of the diehard fans.

Lea took this to heart and actually took questions from the gleek faithful to be answered in her book, and there were some good ones, including what her first day on the set was like and whether or not Cory Monteith is actually a good dancer.

Jane Lynch talks her future – So is the woman behind Sue Sylvester thinking about what her life will be once she hangs up the famous tracksuit? It doesn’t sound like it. Rather, Lynch (who is going through a divorce) tells the Toronto Star that her priority right now is just getting from one career spot to the next:

“I don’t make lists. I don’t have aspirations. It’s served me well. I do all the footwork and then I allow the universe to roll in at my feet. I make good decisions when they’re offered to me, but I don’t go looking for them.”

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Photo: Fox

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