‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: The completely random ‘American Idol’ – Angie Miller connection

DexterCoincidence is a pretty tricky thing, isn’t it? Sometimes, things happen without any intention, and you end up with something that ends up being a lovely little TV Easter egg. Then again, we’re not sure that there are too many people out there who watch both “American Idol” and “Dexter,” so the humor here may be lost of some of them.

Following the exit of one Maria LaGuerta thanks to getting shot by one of her own underlings at the office (in Deb), there is going to be a new woman on the force this year. What’s her name? Detective Angie Miller (played by Dana L. Wilson). We have a feeling that this Angie Miller is not going to be an aspiring singer-songwriter with strong Christian beliefs and with a passionate YouTube fan-base … mostly because that Angie Miller is from the Fox singing competition “American Idol”.

The truth here is that this one thing is completely unrelated from the other. “Dexter” first started breaking the final season last year, before “American Idol” even came on the air. Even when it did, Angie did not start going by “Angie” until the live rounds. (Before that, she was known mostly by Angela Miller.) While this is a complete coincidence, we cover so many TV shows that it’s impossible for us not to make the connection, especially since there aren’t many times in which you see something like this happen where a name ends up getting stuck on two enormously-popular shows. Usually, things are done to prevent confusion.

Now, how hilarious would it be if during the closing moments of the series the “American Idol” Angie Miller performs “You Set Me Free” while someone finally puts Dexter on the table?

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