NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ season 5 spoilers: Exec teases Lauren Graham’s big season

ParenthoodWere you bummed out about Lauren Graham’s story on “Parenthood” season 5? The good news is that the actress got an opportunity to work alongside Ray Romano as Hank. The bad news was that so much of her plot was tied to a man, whether it was Hank or Jason Ritter’s Mark.

For those of you looking for self-reliance, the following bit of news may cause you to unleash a stream of victory fist-pumps. Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer David Hudgins shared a few details about what we could see coming up for her character, at least based on some of the early scripts that are being created for the season:

“The thing is, Lauren is so good at that stuff — she’s so great at acting those [love] stories — that it’s hard not to want to tell them. But your question is good because we really are thinking about ‘What is Sarah’s story now?’ And what’s interesting about her [in Season 5] is that her kids are gone. If her identitybefore was as a single mother, well, Amber’s been out of the nest and now Drew’s out of the nest. What would that mean for a woman like her? How is she going to find herself? What’s she going to do?

“Sarah is going to have a great arc this year, and it isn’t going to be completely about her love life.”

It’s easy to be feeling giddy about the upcoming “Parenthood” season, and not just because we drank a coffee the size of our head before writing this. The show has more episodes to shine this year, and it has the satisfaction of really knowing the amount of work that went into turning this once-on-the-bubble show into a success.

Do you want to see who is interested in coming back for season 5? If so, all you have to do is head on over to the link here.

Photo: NBC

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