Fox News predictably attacks ‘The Newsroom’ season 2 for Tea Party – Taliban comment

The NewsroomIt would probably help Fox News a little bit of they did not respond to “The Newsroom” with the same amount of vitriol as the fictional version on the show does. With their reaction to the show’s leading character comparing the Taliban to the Tea Party, they’ve pretty much let Aaron Sorkin win so he can go off cackling while rolling around on a pile of money somewhere.

During a segment on the cable news network’s show “The Five” this week, we had such words as “left-wing loonbin” thrown around about the show and Will McAvoy’s strong words of criticism about a political party that he claims to identify with. The hosts on this show just don’t like it, and find the show to be a “liberal fantasy.”

We also had the following quote thrown in here from host Greg Gutfeld:

“When was this series written? Before the rapes, the murders, before OWS disappeared? But that’s the great thing about TV. Whatever fails horribly in reality is resurrected in lib land as the victor.”

We’re not really out here to slam all conservatives or even all their talk shows, mostly because it’s not worth our time to sit here and start screaming like a pundit over various parties, but why is a cable-news network wasting time on something that is fictional? You’re better off not reinforcing the show’s point and getting angry about it.

Fox is right about one thing: The show is a fantasy. It’s about the ideal of what Sorkin wishes the world of journalism could be, where it’s about the news on the air, people speaking their mind not necessarily on party lines. It’s too moralistic for its own good at times, which is probably why conservatives blast it as some sort of liberal machine, and liberals are too cynical to buy into most of what it talks about.

We say all of this, and yet we love the show and can’t wait for its season 2 premiere on July 14. If you want to know more, check out some of the character posters and storyline hints over here.

Photo: HBO

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