‘The Voice’ UK rankings: Why Leah McFall, Ash Morgan, Joseph Apostol are favored

The Voice“The Voice” UK is just over a week away from wrapping up its second season, but which four artists will make it there? The top eight will perform in London on Saturday night, and what we have here is a list of who we think is poised to shine, and who could be in some serious trouble when it comes time for the voters to make their decisions.

As we’ve said in the past, our rankings are based on a few simple things, whether it be performance quality, airtime on the show, relationship with their coach, and simply the perception of their fan base. This is all difficult to judge, we admit, since any artist could come out, have a terrible day, and be sent home.

Team Danny O’Donoghue

2. Karl Michael – He’s got the talent, and he has the history in this industry in order to do pretty well. But does he have the heart of Britain? This is something we’re not quite sure about, and we don’t really know how he stacks up against Andrea when it comes to the public vote.

1. Andrea Begley – We know that she’s not just a sob story, and she has the talent, but at the same time, it is hard to deny that her story will help her to garner votes from a public that likely relates to her struggle, and wants to see her succeed. If she picks the right song, it could be smooth sailing on to the finale.

Team Jessie J

2. Matt Henry – A very likable dude, but we think that this team is rather cut-and-dry. We weren’t 100% positive that he would make it through last week, and we think that he will get more opportunities thanks to his time on the show. However, the buck probably stops here.

1. Ash Morgan – Ash has to be a favorite to win this whole competition. He’s got a killer voice, a big personality, and he has that sort of sweet relationship with Jessie that brings voters even closer to him. Would he sell records? We don’t quite know for sure, but he will likely have an opportunity.

Team Tom Jones

2. Mike Ward – Mike just has to be pleased with being a country singer who made it to the top 8 on a British singing show. This is rare, and maybe he can bring some new energy to a genre of music that has barely survived in Britain. (It’s ironic, given that the “Voice” in America this year is flooded with country stars.)

1. Joseph Apostol – We just have a feeling that Joseph is going to have a fan following that is very difficult to beat. He sings the sort of songs that everyone knows, and while we’re a broken record on it, it merits repeating that Filipino voters tend to heavily back up those who share their heritage.

Team will.i.am

2. Cleo Higgins – She has the past that brings in some fans, and she has a comeback story that is legitimately just that. Regardless of what happens here, she will probably book some more gigs if she wants to go out there and become a recording artist yet again on the grand stage.

1. Leah McFall – But this show is called “The Voice,” and being unique goes miles on this show. This is why Leah has an enormous chance of walking away with something here. We’ve never seen anyone that has a look like hers, and also the sort of range and distinctive tone. Imagine her working with will.i.am on a single; it may be what this show needs, given right now their credibility to produce artists is a gigantic question mark.

Who are you rooting for at this point? Be sure to vote in the poll below, and you can read some more news on “The Voice” UK’s recent woes at the link here.

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