‘Glee’ season 5: Chris Colfer on following Lea Michele, Naya Rivera’s footsteps with album

Chris ColferWhen it comes to the stars of “Glee,” there appear to be a few things that many of them are interested in doing and that’s getting promotional deals, acting in movies, and recording albums. Some of them (see Lea Michele) has been able to pull off all three over the course of the past four years, as she is recording her debut now. Some others (see Naya Rivera) are getting there, and one man in particular in Matthew Morrison already has two albums out to go along with movies and various gigs.

As we approach the start of “Glee” season 5, Chris Colfer continues to go down a slightly different path. While he has starred in a movie called “Struck By Lightning,” it was one that he wrote himself. Also, he has a book out in The Land of Stories, and is continuing his screenwriting for a future project. It’s always impressive when anyone has this sort of writing talent, but then remember that Chris is only 23 years old. While you see many reality stars at that age drinking and partying, remember that he’s finding the time to write books and get nominatations for various acting awards.

So is Chris hoping to someday join Rivera, Michele, and Morrison on the road to an album? If he is, he sure is holding his cards close to the vest. While at the Champs Elysées Film Festival, Colfer was asked about the prospect of recording a disc. His response? He didn’t necessarily rule it out depending on if fans get behind him in huge numbers beforehand:

“I’m terrified to do an album … To the point where if I did do an album I’d want to name it Clearance Bin— just in case it ends up in the clearance bin, [I could say] ‘I told you so!’ Maybe. I think I would need maybe some kind of Internet campaign or something. So if people ask me why are you doing an album I could say ‘Well they told me to!’”

Well, some “Glee” fans are already trying to convince Chris to get into the studio, as there is a petition out there already to try to make it happen. We don’t even know how he would have the time, but it is at least something for him to consider down the road.

Do you want Chris to make an album, or to keep doing what he’s doing? “Glee” season 5 production starts in a few weeks, and you can read some of Kevin McHale’s hopes for it here.

Photo: Fox

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