Even ‘The Daily Show’s’ Lewis Black hates the Xbox One

Comedy CentralThere is probably little that we have found as enjoyable as seeing the public’s sheer and utter hatred for Microsoft’s Xbox One and its presentation at E3. Why is everyone hating Xbox One? Well considering all of the restrictions, forced connection to the internet, taking away game sharing, and basically keeping gamers from having a freedom that they once had it’s understandable that gamers would be hulk smashing everything in sight. Next to TV, gaming is one of our passions, and we were eagerly awaited a moment where these two worlds collided.

Luckily, this very thing happened on Wednesday night’s edition of “The Daily Show.” Fill-in host John Oliver had Lewis Black on the show for his recurring “Back in Black” segment, and Black shot off like a rocket as he started blasting Microsoft about their questionable privacy decisions.

Did Black represent exactly everything that Microsoft’s “improved” Kinect is doing? Not exactly, as he made it appear a little bit more of a doomsday scenario than it is. However, the restrictions and questions placed on having your data out there for the company to do what they want with is a scary thought, and Black did a stellar job pointing out the ridiculousness of it all. Had he also made some jokes about used games, we would have been in geek nirvana during this segment.

For those who are curious about the ratings for Oliver’s show Wednesday, they improved in total viewers from Tuesday, and kept the 18-49 rating about the same at a 0.5. If these numbers hold firm the rest of the summer, we figure that Comedy Central will be happy with it. As for if this is enough to get Oliver his own show someday, we don’t quite know the answer to that.

Photo: Comedy Central

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