‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: Sara Colleton on Hannah vs. Lumen

Yvonne StrahovskiHopefully, this will be the last time that we execute some “Dexter” nerd rage on the subject of whether or not Lumen Pierce should be back at some point for the show’s final season. Our argument for bringing her back has always been rather simple: She represented something redeeming about Dexter, and was one of the only people that he could love while being himself, while not fearing that the person in turn would kill him or someone else that he loved (i.e. what Hannah tried to do to Deb).

We have heard in the past an explanation-of-sorts from executive producer Scott Buck as to why Julia Stiles will not be back, but now, why not let Sara Colleton do the same? Check out her defense of bringing Yvonne Strahovski’s character back over Lumen per an interview with TV Guide:

“Most of the other familiar faces he’s disposed of. Hannah brings back a more interesting complication. With Lumen, the act that she needed of revenge, once done, was so burned out that she really couldn’t go on with her life and wouldn’t have need of Dexter, so it makes less sense for her to come, whereas Hannah has a few issues unresolved with Dexter.”

Colleton is right that Hannah is the more sensible choice, given that she is the more recent of the two, and she does not have a problem with Dexter continuing to kill. Meanwhile, Lumen was just out for revenge, not so much to fill a need. Even with this being said, we think that there were always a small contingent of people hoping to see Dexter and Lumen find a way to be together in the end, or at least those interested in getting an update on her life.

We’re still bummed that she’s not coming back, even though we think Colleton gives the best explanation that we’ve heard yet in defense of her staying away. Want more “Dexter” scoop? If you want to hear what Aimee Garcia has to say about some changes ahead for Jamie, all you have to do is click here.

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