ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Is there a chance for Emily and Jack?

RevengeWE are going to start this “Revenge” season 3 article with a question, and it’s one that many are asking during this off season: Is there actually a chance for Jack and Emily still to end up together? It’s certainly going to be a little bit more difficult for them than it was previously, if for no other reason than the little problem known as “admitting that you have been living under a fake name, while having the woman you married do the same thing.” Just a trifle of a problem, right?

With this sort of baggage in mind (enough to make a “Jersey Shore” cast member shake their head at you), it’s understandable that Nick Wechsler really doesn’t see anything happening between the two in the immediate future. Want to know more? Just check out what the actor said in a new interview with TV Guide:

“I don’t think they will have them get together romantically, and if it happens, it’ll be further into the season … This poor [guy] lost his dad, his dog, his wife, now his brother … it’s going to be the fire under his vengeful a–.”

Is Jack officially one of the saddest people in the history of scripted television? The sort of resume that we’re looking at here does certainly make it seem likely. It’s almost understandable why the guy went completely off the rails, and while we hope that Emily is able to rope him back in at the end of the day, we wonder if doing so is going to really even be possible.

What do you think: Should Emily and Jack still have a chance in the future, or do you think what transpired in the finale really ruined such a thing from ever happening? We want to hear your thoughts below! If you want to read about whether or not Jack could actually be the hero on the show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ABC

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