MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 10 review: Jenna, Collin, and Ricky Schwartz shockers

AwkwardOn Tuesday night, “Awkward” at least came to the midway point of season 3 with a pretty epic mid season finale that looked to answer a number of key questions. Was Jenna really going to cheat on Matty with Collin? Were Jake and Tamara in serious trouble? What’s with Ming and the Asian mafia? Well, we’ll do our best to give you answers on all three of these.

1. Jenna and Matty – Jenna found herself in a situation here where she wanted to go to Collin’s event, but was hoping to have Matty go with her. When he bailed after a fight over whether or not she ever embarrassed him, things got a little bit heated with Collin after he had broke up with his girlfriend because he realized he’d rather be with someone like Jenna.

Then, we saw the make-out session. Jenna cheated on Matty in the front seat of his car, and the interesting twist is that her boyfriend doesn’t know about it yet. Will she spill the beans? That is the cliffhanger moving forward to the rest of the season.

2. Jake and Tamara – This was a little less complicated. She was treating him badly after getting an opportunity to throw a party for the popular kids, and she eventually came to her senses and apologized. We do wish Tamara was a little less obsessed with popularity, but this is what happens with her for whatever reason.

3. Ming’s mafia – This entire story was ridiculous, but it was pretty enjoyable nonetheless to see her in a position of power, and with a complete mob of teenagers all around her, acting on her every whim.

Oh, and we also learned Ricky Schwartz’s killer … sort of. And, Sadie did something nice!

What did you think about this “Awkward” episode, and are you actually rooting for Jenna to end up with Collin over Matty? If you want to see what Beau Mirchoff has to say about this complicated situation, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: MTV

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