‘Glee’ season 5: Jane Lynch would ‘love’ appearance from Michael Bolton

Sue SylvesterWhile Sue Sylvester did not always receive a ton of screen time throughout the fifth season of “Glee,” some of the moments that she did have were either funny or meaningful, especially when it comes to the storyline with Becky near the end of the season.

As much as the “Shooting Star” episode made us want to weep, one of the more comedic moments that we saw this past season was the big reveal that her secret celebrity baby-daddy was none other than singer Michael Bolton. It was a completely out-of-left-field choice, but also rather hilarious given the subject matter of Bolton’s songs (and also the fact that the man is 60 years old).

While we don’t know whether or not Bolton would ever appear on the show in the future, Jane Lynch told HollywoodLife in a recent interview that it is a possible guest star that she would very much be looking forward to, if the show was able to snag him:

“Wouldn’t that be fun? He looks great … I would love it.”

We’re assuming that you’ve seen the video below given that it has been watched over 100 million times, but if Bolton comes on and does even a fraction of this, we would totally forgive him for having such poor gamesmanship on “Dancing with the Stars.” Heck, he would move near the top of the list of great / random TV guest stars that are out there.

Sadly, we’re going to be waiting a while before we find out anything about who is coming back on “Glee.” Specifically, think somewhere along the lines of a month or so, when the process first picks up for season 5.

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Photo: Fox

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