NBC’s ‘The Voice’ results preview: iTunes favors Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery

The VoiceFans of variety on “The Voice,” get ready for the ultimate let down: We could be set for a finale next week featuring three people who are all a part of the country music genre. For people who love the genre and watch the two million country awards shows on TV, this is great news. For everyone else, well … you’re going to be in for a long week.

The reason that Michelle Chamuel and Sasha Allen fans should worry is that based on the iTunes voting results, country artists the Swon Brothers, Amber Carrington, and Danielle Bradbery all have songs in the top ten. This means that they will all get that infamous 10x multiplier that carries them into the next round, whereas Michelle and Sasha (at least of this writing) will not.

Will this be enough? We don’t know, given that there are some other interesting factors at play. For example, Michelle has two songs in the top 30, whereas Danielle and Amber both only have one in the top 100. With two songs in the top ten, you may as well hand the Swon boys a ticket now to the final round of the season; meanwhile, Sasha is almost guaranteed to leave given that she does not have a song in the top 30 at all. This will probably come down to Amber and Michelle, and it could be a pretty close battle.

Ultimately, what we are seeing from these results above all else is that the show may need to consider a change in the way they tabulate these results, or at least take away the multiplier. It’s been proven now for two seasons that country fans are active consumers, and while this makes the show money, it’s clearly creating a situation where the country artists have a huge advantage every season. Is it time for a country singing competition show?

Personally, we’re pulling for Michelle to make the finale just so that it’s not a giant honkytonk, but what do you want to see? If you want to read our full review of Monday’s performance show, you can do so over a the link here.

Photo: NBC

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