‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: Maisie Williams on Arya’s change

Game of ThronesAt the end of “Game of Thrones” season 3 Sunday night, we officially saw the end to a certain Arya Stark that we had come to know and in her place, it was almost as though there was an Arya 2.0 born: Someone who was vicious and on the hunt for vengeance, and not a reasonably-innocent little girl who merely wanted to fight with the boys. She knew what had happened to Robb Stark and her family, and no longer was going to tolerate anyone saying anything cruel about her family.

Now, she’s almost a part of this bizarre journey with The Hound, who was looking to dispose of her to the Stark family for a price. So what does the actress behind the Arya character have to say about her change? Speaking to The Huffington Post, Maisie Williams explains that moving forward, she’s not going to be the same person capable of making friends that she once was:

“When she lost Gendry and Hot Pie, we kind of saw her start to put up these walls, I think. And it seems like she’s getting a lot of bad luck all at once. She’s starting to get this sort of love-hate thing with the Hound. She doesn’t really like him, but she knows that he’s a good guy to be with, because she’s not going to get in trouble [while he’s protecting her]. But I think now she’s really put up this barrier and she’s not willing to trust anyone fully anymore. And I think she really did struggle with that anyway, properly trusting people. She’s really kind of kept herself to herself. I think now she’s not really sure what she’s going to do. She doesn’t really have a goal anymore.”

One other interesting development to potentially watch during season 4 is just how the Hound decides to move forward with Arya as his travel companion. With Robb and Catelyn now dead, what can he really do with her? The only feasible option if he still wants coin is to King’s Landing and hand her to the Lannisters, and we don’t know if even he is that cruel. (The Blackfish could be a possibility, but would he even know that he is alive?)

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Photo: HBO

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