Fall TV preview: NBC’s ‘Dracula’ combines ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Arrow’ and blood

DraculaWe all know that vampires have been totally in for the last five or so years, so doesn’t it only seem appropriate that the original and the best vampire in history would turn up to the party for one more appearance? This is precisely why NBC would decide to put “Dracula” on their fall schedule.

While we would typically bemoan putting a new show on a Friday, we actually have to praise the network for this. Less will be expected of what is effectively a drama show there, and there won’t be anything quite like it on the air. Plus, it and “Grimm” seem like natural partners, and one should support the other rather effectively over the course of the fall.

This series comes from the producers of “Downton Abbey” and the director of “The Tudors,” so you don’t have to doubt that the period aspect of it will be strong. There are clearly some changes from the original Bram Stoker novel here, but the spirit of the original feels somewhat intact. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the classic character almost perfectly, as he reminds you that this is a vampire who is meant to be a charmer and a killer simultaneously. It is also nice to see Jessica de Gouw, in something a little more permanent, given that her appearances as the Huntress on “Arrow” are definitely few and far between.

Overall, we have hope here that this could be great, but we’re holding off on being optimistic until we see an episode. Genre shows are especially notorious for having deceiving trailers, since you can disguise some of the flaws in a sea of costumes and effects.

Isn’t it almost sad now that our fall TV preview series is almost at an end … at least when it comes to the trailer side of things? We’ll have our full picks of the most promising new shows a little later in the week, but for now, be sure to read up on everything else at this link.

Photo: NBC

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