AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3, episode 3 review: Blades of gory

The KillingThree episodes into “The Killing” season 3, and we already have to say that things are moving along at quite a brisk pace by this show’s standards. It’s far and away better than the first three episodes of season 2, though it’s still questionable whether or not it will max the shocking ending.

From what we can tell, there really are almost three separate stories right now that are loosely tied together by the serial-killer murders: The homeless kids, Ray Seward on death row, and Linden and Holder’s investigation. Of the three, the kids may actually be the most interesting of the group since we’ve literally never seen anything quite like it before. Bullet is a breakthrough character, and it’s almost a shame that she will only be a part of the show for just this season. (Then again, this is all this show may really have.) She is a part of a group that is fighting for survival, but also still young and reckless … so much so that they are willing to visit a giant grave site of bodies when they have no business doing so.

The breakthrough in newly-reinstated Linden and Holder’s investigation came via some pretty disturbing video footage at the very end of the episode, which shows a little bit more about what this killer’s M.O. was for his victims prior to actually sending them to their graves. We don’t really know if this will get them any closer to solving the case, but the picture is starting to become clear that this case is tied to the one that has Ray Seward sitting on death row.

Speaking of Seward, we don’t know if we have much to say except for that razor blade at the very end. (Ew.) We like this show for the investigation aspect of it, and his story admittedly is not doing that much for us right now, gory as it may be.

What was your take on “The Killing” tonight: Did you love it, hate it, or are simply still trying to figure it out? If you want to read a little bit more news when it comes to the show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: AMC

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