‘Game of Thrones’ season 4 spoilers: Iwan Rheon on Ramsay Snow’s future

Game of ThronesIt must be rather nice to be Iwan Rheon right about now. For much of the past year, it’s been strongly speculated that he is the famed character of Ramsay Snow on “Game of Thrones,” a character that many in the George R.R. Martin have some pretty strong opinions about. Then, it was finally confirmed Sunday night that this was in fact the role Rheon was playing, and he is the one responsible for torturing Theon Greyjoy literally all season long. As the son of Roose Bolton, he has power; and because of the fact that he is not particularly considered pure of blood, he also has a vindictive streak. He’s basically the opposite of another famous “Snow.”

So what does Rheon have to say now looking back at this role, and the past year of being known only as “Boy”? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor had the following to say:

“I had to keep it on the down low, big time … It does make things much easier for me, it’s annoying not even being able to reveal who you are. Everywhere you go people are trying to get it out of you. It’s been quite funny, a lot of my mates were really into the show before [I was cast]. They’ve all come back and are like, ‘you horrible little b*stard.’”

We assume that Rheon will have a key role to play next season based on the Ramsay reveal, but we have no idea what it will be. As it turns out, neither does the actor himself:

“I have absolutely no idea to be honest with you. I’m looking forward as much as you to finding out.”

How do you think that “Game of Thrones” producers are going to use Rheon’s character moving forward to season 4? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read our full review of Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” finale here.

Photo: HBO

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