‘Mad Men’ season 6 spoilers: Matthew Weiner talks Megan Draper – Sharon Tate theories

Jessica PareTwo weeks after an episode of “Mad Men” aired that succeeded in successfully blowing up the internet, the show’s creator is coming forward about the theories that Megan Draper is the heir apparent to actress Sharon Tate, who was killed as a part of the Charles Manson killing spree in 1969. One theory suggested that Jessica Pare’s character will be killed by the end of the season; meanwhile, there was another interesting one suggesting that the character was already dead, which explains why she paid a visit into a Don Draper hallucination.

Matthew Weiner, in a new interview with TV Guide, has something to say to everyone wanting to find something shocking within all of this footage which is that much of what you are coming up with is a construct of your own mind. He explains this within the context of two pieces of “evidence” about Megan dying: A mention of Rosemary’s Baby and also the famous t-shirt (seen above) that Tate also wore for a famous photo shoot:

“It’s just a coincidence. Rosemary’s Baby was a best seller, and I’ve wanted Megan in a real T-shirt [from the era] for a couple of seasons … We’re not yet in 1969, so [no Manson] this season. He’s not in New York.”

Weiner did still promise, though, that there could be some big things on the way by the time we reach the end of the finale:

“There’s a lot of death on this show, and sometimes the audience mistakes symbolism. I hope the audience finds our finale intriguing and emotional.”

With there only being three episodes of “Mad Men” left this season, the time for answers is near, and even though Megan does not seemingly die, there are a number of other ways that she could be written out of Don’s life.

Want to read more news? Then head over to the link here, where you can see a little bit of what to expect from Sunday night’s episode.

Photo: AMC

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