‘Britain’s Got Talent’ ratings: Attraction win, Simon Cowell egg incident scores big

Britain's Got TalentHow’s this to perfectly illustrate the lack of a rivalry right now between “Britain’s Got Talent” and “The Voice” UK? While the latter singing competition languished on Friday night, the final for the enormous talent competition ended up scoring over 11 million viewers once figures on the ITV+1 channel were counted in after the fact.

These numbers make this episode the most-watched event of any television program in the country in 2013 thus far, even if the averaging viewership was down around 800,000 from when Ashleigh & Pudsey were declared the winners last year.

Had some of the controversy during the show happened beforehand, we imagine that the ratings would have been even more substantial. A video of string quartet member Natalie Holt, who actually performed during the London Olympics, egging Simon Cowell during Richard & Adam’s performance has gone viral, and prompted comments from people all around the world.

Meanwhile, the winners in Attraction Shadow Theater have also drawn controversy in that they hail from Hungary, making this the first-ever winner of the competition to not hail from the show’s home country of Britain. Granted, they did win because of votes from the British public, and that ultimately matters much more than anything else.

Do we expect any sort of significant carry-over to next season? Not really. The only thing that could happen of a negative variety is that strong nationalists could protest the show having foreign contestants, and opt not to watch. Then again, we have a feeling people with these kind of strong emotions probably were not tuning in to begin with.

If you want to read a little bit more about who this Natalie Holt person really is, and what her connection is to Simon Cowell and the show, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: ITV

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