‘Arrow’ season 2 debate: Is now the time for Black Canary?

Katie Cassidy“Arrow” fans, be prepared to get comfy, because you have a long (and pretty tiresome) wait ahead before your beloved show returns to The CW with all-new episodes later this year. (Think early October, much like we saw with the premiere this season.) With that in mind, we have quite a long wait, and plenty of time to speculate about what is going to be coming up down the road.

We’ll have a couple of these sort of debate articles to share throughout the month of June, but we wanted to focus this one on a topic that just about everyone has some sort of opinion on: Whether or not Laurel should become Black Canary at any point during the second season. The general assumption is that this is the trajectory of the character, even if this is a dangerous assumption to make, given that there are some differences already between the comics and the television show. (Just ask Tommy’s dead body.)

The case for Black Canary – You can’t just sit here and assume that the show is going to get 7 or 8 seasons, so it is not exactly a great idea to sit around and wait to play all of your cards for years to come. You know that this is something that people want to see, so if you can make the story work, why wait? Plus, there’s only so long you can have Laurel play this oblivious woman who is also an intelligent attorney.

The case against Black Canary – While you want to see her turn, you want it to come at a time in which the payoff is big. Take as a great example “Game of Thrones”: Imagine what would have happened had the Red Wedding happened in season 2. Would it had been as shocking? Probably not, and the amount of buildup is what caused it to be one of the most devastating events out there. So long as you know you have a little time, why not work on this buildup? Laurel is going to be taking some sort of step in a new direction this season, so why does it have to be a leap?

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