‘The Voice’ UK rankings: Why Ash Morgan, Leah McFall, and Karl Michael have edge

The VoiceFinally, we’re at the point in “The Voice” UK that so many people out there were looking forward to seeing: The start of the live shows. This is where the British public get involved, and you have a chance to pick between 12 talented people in order to win the grand prize over the next three weeks.

This is where we also come into play for our first edition of our contestant rankings, and we are basing these on a variety of different factors. First and foremost, how strong are you as a performer, and will the voting public remember you? These have to be two of the most-important factors to being a solid contestant. We’re ranking by coaches since this is how eliminations will be handled for now, so we’re not going to include coach popularity into the equation.

Team Danny O’Donoghue

3. Mitchel Emms – We loved the way that he flipped a country song and made it into something rock during the knockout round. But is everyone in Britain going to connect to this brand of rock? That’s what we don’t know.

2. Andrea Begley – We can’t really put our finger on Andrea right now. We haven’t loved every one of her performances, but she has a big story and a big heart. This will get her votes, and she is someone that almost everyone can identify with in one way or another. This is much more useful on these shows than we can ever say.

1. Karl Michael – If you combine a great voice with experience and a great stage presence, you have Karl. You know the guy is going to work hard to make this opportunity matter, and he has the total package more than anyone else on his team.

Team Jessie J

3. Sarah Cassidy – This season is more about the guys, and we personally find Sarah’s voice to be so nasal that it is unappealing to listen to. She’s great at what she does, but it’s not for us.

2. Matt Henry – A very good, very polished singer who could make it pretty far., but is Britain going to get behind him? There is almost a feeling that he is too cool for his own good, and while this is a compliment, it can hurt him on a singing show.

1. Ash Morgan – It’s pretty hard to not like Ash, since he comes across as such a sweet guy and Jessie seems to be his biggest fan through and through. We almost hope that she sits on stage and listens to him every single week.

Team Tom Jones

3. Alys Williams – We’re thrilled that Alys got another chance this season, but Tom has a great group of singers left, and we just don’t think that she is going to stack up with so many other powerhouses left in the competition.

2. Mike Ward – It’s interesting that in America, we’re sick of country, but in Britain, this is something that is odd on a singing competition. We like Mike’s sound, and while he’d be weak compared to some U.S. country singers, he has a nice vulnerability in the way that he sings.

1. Joseph Apostol – Don’t rule out Joseph as a favorite to win this whole thing. Filipino artists typically have a huge fan base, and he’s singing songs that everyone in Britain (not just young people) will know.

Team will.i.am

3. Cleo Higgins – She was big back in the day with Cleopatra … but that was back in the day. Times and singers have changed, and we’re not feeling Cleo as much as some other people are right now.

2. Leanne Jarvis – Maybe “The Voice” should have saved its Leanne winner for this season. Leanne not only has the same sort of cavernous voice of a pop star, but the two-tone hair and the fancy outfits also give her the look of one. Will.i.am should be able to do some great stuff with her.

1. Leah McFall – Let’s get this out of the way right now: You’re probably either going to love Leah or hate her, but there’s so much vocal talent here that she cannot be ignored, even if her voice is slightly odd and occasionally does a little bit more than it really needs to.

Who is your favorite right now among the “Voice” UK crew? We want to hear your thoughts below! Also, be sure to click here if you want to see the shocking sales for Leanne Mitchell’s album thus far.

Photo: BBC One

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