AMC’s ‘The Killing’ season 3 spoilers: What’s next for the ‘new’ Holder?

The KillingWhile we know that there is still a mystery that needs to be solved at the heart of AMC’s “The Killing,” there are also a number of other issues within this story that needed to be dealt with. For one, there is the issue as to whether or not Holder is really going to keep on his new path, one that combines a more professional attitude with trying to keep himself on the straight and narrow.

While on the surface, this side of Joel Kinnaman’s character is going to appear like the model policeman, and the sort of guy that the citizens of Seattle would want to actually have patrolling the city. However, this is not entirely the case. For more on this very subject, just see what executive producer Veena Sud had to say on the subject in a chat with TV Guide:

“In Season 1, he embraced the notion of a higher power [and] he was doing everything that he needed to do to keep his sobriety … This season, he’s kind of gone back on it. He is self-propelled. He’s definitely not a believer in sitting in a church basement listening to anybody’s idea of God. That is going to affect him deeply.”

The question when it comes to the Holder character this season is going to be in part whether or not he will be able to solve the case, but also if he can keep himself together in the process. This is not a particularly easy thing to do when you work for the police, and you have such an extensive past to begin with.

Do you like this new version of Holder, or is there a part of you that is already missing the old one? As always, we want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to check out how the show is faring so far in the ratings, all you have to do is click here.

Photo: AMC

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