The Bear season 4: What was actually filmed?

The Bear season 2
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There has been a ton of miscommunication out there regarding The Bear season 4 and what was actually filmed earlier this year. Isn’t it nice to have some confirmation?

Let’s start off here with some of the base details. We do know already that a season 4 is coming, and there was more footage shot than what actually aired on Hulu late last month. A lot of this may end up being the fourth season … but could there be more that is filmed along the way? Let’s just say that it’s possible.

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Speaking to Mr. Porter in a new interview, Ebon Moss-Bachrach confirmed just what actually happened on set during production, and around how much footage still remains:

We were going to make one season, but that season was getting bigger and bigger and at a certain point it seemed like maybe we should write more, not feel constrained and turn it into two seasons.

We shot about 18 episodes … But everything shifts. In the past, what was one episode on the page has been split into two. I just lose myself in the messiness and chaos of it. I like getting taken by a wave that’s bigger than you thought it was, tumbled around and spit out the other end.

Moss-Bachrach has also said recently that he thinks that the series is near the end, so we wonder already just how many more opportunities there are going to be for everyone to get back together to shoot more episodes. We wouldn’t be shocked if everyone does come back at some point to film a little bit more for next season but in the meantime, this is an extremely busy cast! Ebon himself has already been cast in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie from Marvel, a role that is easily the most high-profile of his career.

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What are you the most excited to see moving into The Bear season 4 at this point?

Do you think more will be filmed? Go ahead and share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back for other updates.

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