Fargo season 6 renewal: A July 2024 update

Fargo season 5
Photo: FX

Is there a chance that we are going to hear something more on a Fargo season 6 between now and the end of July? Obviously, there are reasons aplenty to want it.

Take, for example, the sheer greatness that we experienced in season 5! It was easily the best chapter of the series we’ve had since the early years, and that may very well raise the stakes for whatever creator Noah Hawley has planned next … provided that he has anything planned at all.

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After all, here is where things do get a little bit uncertain — months removed from the end of season 1, there is still almost no information out there about the future. We’ve yet to hear about a season 6, and it may take some time before that happens. After all, Hawley is working on a production for Alien at FX and for at least the immediate future, it does feel like working on that show will be a top priority and for a pretty clear reason. This is another huge property based on a feature film, and the budget and ambition may be even greater there.

Ultimately, our advice to any fan of Fargo at this point is to exercise a lot of patience, and potentially even go ahead and take the rest of the next few months off from speculation. If we get an announcement before 2025, we would consider it the most pleasant of surprises. One of the pleasures that comes with doing an anthology show like this is that you do not really have to follow a specific release plan; you can come and go with new episodes whenever you want to.

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What do you most want to see moving into Fargo season 6 over at FX, provided we get it?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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