Fargo season 6: Creator Noah Hawley on potential future

Fargo season 5
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Several months have passed now since the end of Fargo season 5, so can more be said now regarding a season 6?

Well, the first thing that can be said here is actually simple: There is still no official renewal at FX. However, at the same time more is possible. The network will certainly be interested, but a lot depends on 1) having the right story and 2) Noah Hawley’s availability, given that the main focus right now appears to be his other show at the network in Alien.

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Well, in a new interview with Deadline’s Crew Call podcast, Hawley indicated that Alien is wrapping up and going into post-production; at that point, he will have a period of time where he can better determine whether or not there is an opportunity to do more Fargo. However, there are also other variables, including working on a potential Alien season 2, doing movies, or writing books. It feels like a lot will be tied into creative inspiration at that given point in time, but Noah is not ruling more out. We do think that FX is the sort of network that will give him all the resources that he needs.

In the end, just know this: There probably will not be more Fargo unless there is a legitimate idea for there to be more. This show doesn’t need episodes just for the sake if it.

Our current inclination

If the show returns, odds are it will follow the recent pattern and do another period piece, much like we saw both in season 2 and season 4. There are still a lot of time periods that have not been covered in either the show or the original movie, and there is still a lot to explore when it comes to insanely creative and off-beat cases.

Do you think there is a chance that we’ll hear about Fargo by the end of the year?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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