House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4: Is King Aegon dead?

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House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4 clearly took the life of one character in Rhaenys — but did King Aegon Targaryen die, as well?

After all, during the dragon battle in the sky, we saw the King get badly burned due to the actions of his own brother Aemond — but to be fair, Aegon was never meant to be there in the first place. He denied the initial plan and went rogue and by virtue of that, everyone has to live with some of the consequences.

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Now, here is the thing: While the ending was somewhat ambiguous, we don’t think that Aegon is dead. Instead, he’s just badly burned and/or wounded, but we tend to think he will be okay … or, will he?

The crazy thing here is that Aegon’s survival in this battle could actually lead to a certain amount of further hero worship for the character. We’ll deal with that down the road.

For now, Ewan Mitchell indicates to TVLine that there is meant to be a mystery as to whether or Aemond actually meant to burn his brother:

What you see at the end of Episode 4 was very much intentional. He’s very composed in that moment, and he’s very assured with what he did. Whether or not he believed that Aegon was just collateral in that moment is another thing. Maybe he didn’t intentionally burn Aegon in that moment, or he didn’t plan to, because Rhaenys was always there.

But it raises the argument or whether or not [Aegon] was just collateral and he was in the way… The first time he does it, it was a mistake. He let the emotions get the better of him. What you see at the end of Episode 4, it makes me think that Otto Hightower’s words rang true at the beginning of Season 2, you know? “You must get a grip on your emotions, Aemond.” And maybe he did, a little bit.

All of this, for now, is fun to think about … and we will have to do that for quite some time. Just don’t think that Aegon is going anywhere.

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