Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on Paramount Network, 7/7?

Yellowstone season 5 episode 1
Photo: Paramount Network

Is Yellowstone season 5 new tonight on the Paramount Network? It of course makes plenty of sense to want more of the series, especially since production is underway and it absolutely has been in the headlines for a good while.

Alas, we are still a handful of months away from seeing the actual show back, so a certain amount of patience is still required. For now, the plan appears to be having more episodes premiere on Sunday, November 10; fingers crossed that between now and Labor Day, we actually get a trailer or at least some more footage all about what else is coming.

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All things considered, we are entering what feels like the most secretive part of the show’s history other than maybe the start of season 4 — in other words, the last time that there was a life-or-death situation involving some main characters. Now, we’ve got at the core of the story questions related to John Dutton and how Kevin Costner’s character will be written out. It feels inevitable that Taylor Sheridan will need to kill the character, but how do you send someone this prominent to the metaphorical train station? That is a hard thing to figure out since it has to be befitting of a character o this magnitude.

Of course, there is also another question mark that you have to ponder over here, as well — what happens to the ranch if John dies? This feels like it could be the bulk of the season in a lot of ways, as we bear witness to a pretty epic back-and-forth between various people in the Dutton family and/or outside forces who want to snatch some of the land. This has always been a part of the show and now, there is an opportunity to escalate it further.

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