Fallout season 2: Could the Railroad, Minutemen be explored?

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We know that at this point, Fallout season 2 is still in the early planning process. Yet, it is 100% happening, and our hope is to see it around early 2026. That may feel like a long time from now (it is!), but isn’t there still great stuff to talk about along the way?

For those who have not heard as of yet, season 2 is going to incorporate elements from Fallout: New Vegas, with Robert House being a significant part of the narrative. A lot of this was teed up at the end of season 1, and it makes sense based on where Hank is ultimately going at this point.

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Yet, is there room for more parts of the game series to be looped in, especially from the most-recent single-player entry in Fallout 4? This is arguably the most successful of any of these games in terms of recent sales, and with that, there could be people out there clamoring for groups like the Minutemen, the Railroad, or even the Institute to turn up. (The Brotherhood of Steel are already present, and they are a franchise staple.)

Unfortunately, at the moment there are some problems with all of these groups turning up, namely in that player choice at the end of Fallout 4 radically impacts their future. You can argue that there is enough of a time just between that game and the Prime Video show for them to be repaired and/or rebuilt, but another question then surfaces: What would their purpose then be? You don’t want to incorporate them just for the sake of incorporating them, after all…

Now that we’ve said all of this, we do at least think there’s a chance that season 3 (if it happens) could play around a little more with some elements from the fourth game. After all, there are theories aplenty out there that Muldaver may be a synth, which were a huge part of that game’s storyline.

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Are there some more game elements you’d love to see incorporated moving into Fallout season 2?

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