Fallout season 2 premiere date: A July 2024 update

Fallout season 1
Photo: Prime Video

Are we inching closer to a Fallout season 2 premiere date at Prime Video? Make no mistake — season 1 was an enormous hit. The streaming service certainly would like it back as soon as humanly possible, and we’ve more or less heard the same thing from the producers.

Really, a lot of stuff regarding the future of this show comes down to one simple question: How quickly can you make a show with this much ambition and visual effects? It’s not something that can be turned around immediately, and you do need to be aware of that far in advance.

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The bad news for now is honestly not that complicated: There isn’t going to be much in the way of news about the show throughout July, or really much of the summer. It could be considered a pleasant surprise by and large if something more substantial surfaces around this fall, provided that production can get underway around that time.

What little we’ve heard about season 2 of Fallout right now feels fairly promising. Take, for starters, the opportunity that comes with Hank heading to New Vegas. Expect Easter eggs aplenty from the source material, and in particular one game character in Robert House appears to be primed for a larger role.

Meanwhile, on a creature front it does appear as though there’s a real drive to get Deathclaws included in here in some shape or form. Remember for a moment here that these monsters are pretty iconic across the games, and they were specifically saved from the first season so that there would be something more to anticipate. This show needs that element of danger … even if there are always opportunities to get some more action and danger at the same time.

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What do you most want to see moving into Fallout season 2, no matter when we actually get it?

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