The Bear season 4 debate: Should there be fewer cameos?

The Bear season 2
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We know that it may be strange to ask for something less from The Bear … but here we are, ready to do it. Can season 4 steer clear of some of the cameos?

Back during the second season, it felt like a lot of the big names in “Fishes” were a pleasant surprise. Who imagined that we’d see Jamie Lee Curtis, John Mulaney, Sarah Paulson, and others at the dinner table at the same time? So many of them were wonderful, and there is a reason why that episode is remembered so fondly. Of course, the aftermath of something like this is that it creates an expectation that a number of famous people are going to just start randomly turning up, and that can be detrimental to a story.

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There are some out there who really dislike a number of the real-life chef cameos at the end of season 3, especially since it did slow down the pacing of the story. Yet, at the same time we’d argue that it brought something believable to the atmosphere at Ever’s farewell dinner. Even Josh Harnett felt believable as Tiff’s new fiancé. The only cameo that we were slightly frustrated by in season 3 was that of John Cena as Sammy Fak, mostly because it served no real point to the story and seemed wedged in mostly to justify the show being labeled a “comedy” at the Emmys.

The case for fewer cameos

To us, it is a response largely to the idea that the show needs them at this point. Why not flip expectations on their head? There’s something great about finding a way to surprise an audience by just honing in on the characters that you have, rather than stretching out the world further. Of course, here is also a reminder that at this point, we don’t consider Curtis, Mulaney, Hartnett, or any other big name to be a “cameo” — they have already been established at this point! With that, the parameters are different.

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Do you think The Bear season 4 needs to chill out a little when it comes to its cameos?

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