Power Book II: Ghost season 4 episode 5: Did anyone die?

Power Book II: Ghost season 4
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Let’s go ahead and make it clear — we prepared for tonight’s Power Book II: Ghost season 4 episode 5 thinking it had potential to be something special. This was, after all, the last episode before a hiatus and also, the franchise has a history of delivering huge episodes around the time.

With that … why is this ending feeling a little bit empty at this point?

For starters, consider the fact that no major characters are dead. We honestly thought at least one Tejada was going to reach the end, or that Noma would find herself gone leaving some sort of chaos at the top. None of that happened, Monet now is in league with the dirty cop Detective Carter, Diana wants to keep her baby, and Tariq has a lot to contemplate in regards to his future. He could try to have a normal life, or commit himself further to the game. What he chooses to do from here is one of the question marks as we move forward.

Yet, no matter what Tariq thinks he decides, we imagine that the world may have other plans for him. Think about the entire franchise over the years; you will realize quickly that one of the big themes here is consequences. Of you do some bad stuff, then at some point, things are going to come back to bite you. That’s just something that you gotta prepare yourselves for in advance. Tariq’s just got too many enemies and he’s starting to think more and more like his father … and we all know what happened here.

Don’t get us wrong; there is still some compelling stuff going on within the show. Yet, at the same time the pace is just a little slow for a final season! It’s enough to issue a reminder that it doesn’t seem like everyone knew this was the last season while they were shooting. There could be an end to this story, but will it be rushed? Will it feel like the end? These are things we gotta ask right now.

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