‘Top Shot All-Stars’ season 5, episode 2 review: Trick shots, gumballs and paint cans

top-shot-all-starsIt was shocking to see Greg Littlejohn go home on the season 5 premiere of “Top Shot All-Stars” last week and it proved that this is really anyone’s game to win this season. If you missed last week’s episode, things are structured a little bit different this time around. There are no teams and also no nomination round meaning that the contestants really have to make every shot count if they want to stay in the game.

On this week’s episode of “Top Shot All-Stars” the challenge was one of our favorites – the trick shot. they brought back three of the best challenges which included hitting a target with only the help of a mirror to see, shooting paint cans in the air and splitting a bullet on the edge of an axe in order to pop two balloons. The contestants were split into teams of 5 (just for this challenge) and the team with the lowest score goes to the proving grounds… and in this case it’s Kelly, Gabby, William, Blake and Kyle. After the bullseye challenge Kyle and Blake were the two shooters headed to the elimination round.

For the elimination challenge the theme of trick shots was still in full force. Kyle and Blake had to shoot their guns upside down, firing with their pinky finger to hit three bottles, hit gum balls off of golf tees and shot two guns at the same time to hit two plates down range. After completing all three challenges, Kyle and Blake found themselves tied, so they went to a tie breaker round which was shooting gumballs off the golf tees again (a challenge that Blake didn’t do well at). In the end Blake couldn’t make the shot and he was sent home.

Were you surprised to see Blake go home so early in the competition? Are you glad Kyle made it through?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you think is going to come out on top for this season of “Top Shot All-Stars”.

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