The Boys season 4 episode 6: That Firecracker, Homelander scene

The Boys season 4
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We knew that The Boys season 4 episode 6 was going to contain some awfully unhinged stuff. Didn’t that feel inevitable?

Now, there is a new entry for “possibly most unhinged scene ever,” and it is connected to what we saw with Homelander and Firecracker. It almost makes us feel icky to write it, but Firecracker started to take certain hormones so that she would be able to supply Antony Starr’s character with something he always seems to covet: Milk. It makes sense within the world of the show to do this and yet, it was still shocking to see it play out.

So did Valorie Curry know when she signed up for the part that this scene was coming? Not necessarily, but she explained to StyleCaster that she was well-aware of what sort of content the series could deliver:

I did not know. The idea was floated to me a couple of months before, and then I saw the script about a month before. It seems inevitable, like, “Of course, this is happening.” I’ve watched the show and it’s been building to somebody doing this with Homelander. I don’t think of it so much as a being about loyalty though, Firecracker does have this really preternatural intuition about what people need and a shameless willingness to give that to them, whatever it is.

In shooting this scene and going back and forth on the dialogue, there’s a real danger about it. There is a vulnerability in saying to Homelander, “I see your humanity, I see what you’ve been trying to hide—this thing that’s viewed as a very freakish fetish,” and she’s naming it to him. At that moment, she also gets to show him she’s not afraid of him. Because he could, at any point, laser her face off.

Could this scene actually get her more loyalty with Homelander? That seems to be a part of her goal, especially since this character really does not have that much more to offer. Just remember for a moment that her powers are weak compared to everyone else in the Seven. The one thing that she’s best at is catering to others, and we imagine that the show will lean into that however much it possibly can.

Of course, there are only two more episodes — that is not a lot of time!

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