Mayor of Kingstown season 3: Will Iris & Mike get together?

Mayor of Kingstown season 3
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On this past episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 3, we learned a LOT about Iris — but questions still remain. One of the biggest ones is simply this — after everything that we’ve seen her and Mike go through together, is there any chance that they actually get together?

Now, on the surface you can argue there are reasons why it wouldn’t, from the age difference to the power dynamic. Yet, you could also say that they have a deep emotional bond; also, the fact that they haven’t fully gone to this place shows that there may be some affection there. It’s a different sort of relationship, especially for Iris — it is far from what she’s used to.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Laird indicates that Mike may not be willing to go there with Iris, but she feels that her character does have a certain amount of love for him:

Yeah, I think so. That’s been my go-to thing since the end of season one where she goes back to his cabin, and he really saved her. He is the first guy that’s not used her for sex, and he’s the first guy that’s really respected her. And while he sees her as a child in some ways and gets quite frustrated like he wants to overly protect her, and doesn’t have faith in her abilities, yeah, she loves him. That’s what I’ve always, since season one, had in my head. And I think it plays really well. I think the moments between Mike and Iris that are all unspoken. It’s all so much that’s not said. And I think it’s really a beautiful kind of relationship when you watch it.

Sometimes, things don’t have to evolve into romantic love for the love to be obvious, but we also have to remember that Mayor of Kingstown is far from a happy and cheerful story. With that, there is also a chance that the love turns to tragedy.

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