The Boys season 4 episode 5: EP on Gen V nod with Sam, Cate

The Boys season 4
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It is going to take some time to see Gen V season 2 at Prime Video, but on this past episode of The Boys, you got a tiny taste of it! Sam and Cate had a brief crossover appearance as a part of the V52 event, which is meant to spoof the big D23 Expo put on by Disney. While there, the two revealed that they are working on a new movie with Vought as the Guardians of Godolkin.

Are they heroes? Far from it. Cate and Sam are responsible for a ton of carnage at the university, but the real heroes are currently locked away in a secret facility.

If you are wondering why we are not seeing Marie or Emma on The Boys season 4, there is a plan to revisit them on their own show. For more, see what executive producer Eric Kripke had to say to Variety:

Now made sense [to feature Sam and Cate] because of the V52 story, and that Homelander would use V52 as a cover to bring different superheroes close to him as he’s starting to put together this army. And it made sense that Cate, who is also a supe supremacist, would want to sign up for that. I think Sam is a little more reluctant, but he also doesn’t really speak up with his own opinions — he sort of needs to evolve into that still as a character.

But in terms of what it means, as typical in the Vought universe, the characters who were really the villains of that day, Cate and Sam, are packaged by Vought to be the heroes, and are given a movie and given new levels of fame, whereas the true heroes of that day are locked up in some undisclosed location that’ll be revealed for “Gen V” Season 2. Just our similar message that being a hero is usually an unsung, thankless thing, and when you’re held up in front of everyone as a hero, you’re usually anything but.

The tragic thing is that one Gen V character currently locked up in Andre will be killed off between seasons following the shock passing of Chance Perdomo earlier this year. We know already that there are plans for the writers to honor both the character and the actor in a significant way moving forward.

As for Sam and Cate, we’d be surprised to see a lot more of them this season … but couldn’t there also be a surprise included in here somewhere?

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