The Bear season 3 finale cliffhanger: What was Carmy’s review?

The Bear season 3
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The end of The Bear season 3 finale gave us a “to be continued,” and also a major question that could alter Carmy’s entire future. Is his restaurant a hit or not with the critic from the Tribune?

For most of the season, we saw the show really play up a lot of confusion when it comes to whether or not the restaurant would be successful, and deliberately so in a lot of ways. Carmy and Sydney both had visions of where things could be months or even years down the road, and in the process, we also learned that unless there was a good review, the place may be toast before it is allowed to continue. Add to this the fact that Cicero is clearly running out of money.

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In the final minutes, Carmy sees the review, seemingly starts to read it, and then curses. You can easily make the argument that this is bad. However, the truth may also be a little more complicated than that! Carmy is a brilliant chef, but he also is made miserable by much of the way he works. In his scene with Olivia Colman’s character of Terry in this episode, he may have come to understand more that there was another way to live … but the positive review could mean that he can’t live like that. He seems to believe that he’s only effective when he is a terrible tyrant in the kitchen.

Can he find any other way to be? If our theory here is correct, this is something that the upcoming fourth season will absolutely need to answer — and we honestly hope that we get there before the end. After all, there is no word as to whether or not it will be the final season.

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