1923 season 2 premiere date: Impact of Tulsa King news

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Is there a chance that we’re going to get a 1923 season 2 premiere date at some point in the near future, especially given the news of the day?

If you are curious as to what in the world we’re talking about here, let’s just say that it has to do with the fact that Tulsa King, another series that comes from executive producer Taylor Sheridan. Earlier today, the news came out that the Sylvester Stallone drama is going to be coming out in mid-September. Given that it’s hard to believe that Paramount+ would air multiple Sheridan series at the same time, some of his other stuff could be pushed back for a little while. This includes the likes of Lioness, the brand-new show Landman, or the aforementioned Yellowstone prequel.

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Ultimately, it does feel all the more clear now that 1923 season 2 was not going to be coming on until we get around to December, but that was probably never going to be the case anyway. After all, remember that filming has yet to even kick off in an official capacity! Until that happens, it is hard to really have a lot of faith in any specific date at all.

As a matter of fact…

For us, it makes more sense right now to project that 1923 is going to be coming back in the late winter or spring of 2025. Lioness is already filming and we’re confident it is going to come out first. The premiere for Landman, meanwhile, is a little more up in the air just because it is a totally new show.

Will the second season of 1923 prove to be worth the wait? We tend to think so, but mostly due to the fact that there will be closure to this era of the Dutton family’s life — and that includes if Spencer ends up back at the ranch and if he reunites with Alexandra.

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